Full Teaching Professor
A217 Fine Arts Building
Assistant Professor, Digital Storytelling Coordinator
226 Tate Hall
Associate Professor
A209 Fine Arts Building
Foundations Coordinator
127 Fine Arts Building
Director of School of Visual Studies
102A Swallow Hall
Assistant Teaching Professor
225 Tate Hall
Associate Professor and Filmmaker-in-Chief, Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism
243 Walter Williams Hall
Curator’s Distinguished Professor
A202 Fine Arts Building
A132 Fine Arts Building
Assistant Teaching Professor
234 Tate Hall
Assistant Teaching Professor, Director of Bingham Gallery, and Art on the Move Coordinator
A123 Fine Arts Building
Postdoctoral Fellow, Art History
203 Swallow Hall
Assistant Teaching Professor
207 Tate Hall
Assistant Teaching Professor
229 Tate Hall
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Art Coordinator
A120 Fine Arts Building
Assistant Teaching Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
228 Tate Hall
Visiting Assistant Professor, SVS Internship Coordinator
209 Swallow Hall
Associate Professor, Film Studies Coordinator
222 Tate Hall
Assistant Teaching Professor
307 Swallow Hall
Assistant Professor
202A Bingham Commons
Associate Professor, SVS Associate Director, Art History Coordinator
208 Swallow Hall
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
211 Swallow Hall
Assistant Professor
A219 Fine Art Building
Visiting Assistant Professor
Associate Professor, Graphic Design Coordinator
A203 Fine Arts Building
Assistant Teaching Professor
204 Tate Hall

Affiliated Faculty

Associate Professor of Digital Media and Performance Studies
Professor, Theatre Department
Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Chair, Department of Theatre
Professor of English

Emeritus & Retired Faculty