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Film Studies Program

Film Studies majors dedicate their undergraduate experience to the study of film analysis and the works of major directors. Students learn to read analytically, think critically and creatively, and write clearly.

Those who select the Film Studies Production track work with faculty who are also professional filmmakers and learn technical crafts from camerawork and editing to the creative roles in writing, producing, and directing.

The School of Visual Studies offers the BA in Film Studies and the BA with an emphasis in Film Production, as well as a Film Studies minor. MU Film Studies students also have the advantage of the annual True False Film Festival, which brings dozens of celebrated filmmakers along with their films to Columbia each year.

Film Studies Faculty

Assistant Teaching Professor of Film Studies
208 Tate Hall
Instructor, Communications, Digital Storytelling & Film Studies
Associate Professor and Filmmaker-in-Chief, Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism
243 Walter Williams Hall
Academic Advisor - College of Arts & Science, Digital Storytelling, and Film Studies Majors
Assistant Teaching Professor of Digital Storytelling & Film Studies Production
229 Tate Hall
Professor of German and Film Studies
453 Strickland Hall
Assistant Professor of Film Studies and Digital Storytelling
222 Tate Hall
Instructor, Film Studies Program