Art History Minor

Majoring in another field but enjoying your art history classes? Choose our flexible minor, which can usually be tailored to meet your individual needs. It can contextualize your history studies, historically ground your art practice, provide a visual and material frame for your literary studies, or add heart to your STEM major!

The minor in art history requires 15 hours of coursework in art history and critical studies. At least one course should be at the introductory level (ARH_VS 1110, ARH_VS 1120, ARH_VS 1130, or ARH_VS 2850W), and at least nine hours should be taken at the 3000 level or above and can include a wide range of subjects from medieval to contemporary art and eras in between, or focused seminars on broad areas of critical inquiry such as art and gender, art and narrative, art and global exchange, and art and politics. 

Students interested in minoring in art history should contact our academic advisor Kay Gregory through MU Connect.