Reeves Raises Farmington Memories

Art on the Move

An art exhibit made possible by the University of Missouri's School of Visual Study’s “Art on the Move” initiative was hosted at Alexander’s in Farmington on Wednesday, featuring artwork by Farmington native and MU alum Hannah Reeves.

“Art on the Move” is a program that has MU art students returning to their hometowns to share their passions. For Reeves, that meant tailoring an exhibit to the community at large and specifically, to the space in The Factory that it would inhabit. She said after being approached about the project, there was no other location or thematic inspiration that came to mind besides The Factory.

“There really wasn’t,” she said. “I wanted it to be here. Once the University of Missouri asked me to do the project, I thought that I didn’t want to just bring artwork that I’d already made, but that I wanted to bring something for Farmington — something to go in Farmington, to be about the community and in the community.

“This was the first thing I thought about and I really didn’t have a second choice.”

Memory Raising