There are three foundations classes required for both the BFA and BA degree.

Required Foundations Classes

  • Basic 2-D Design 
    • ART_GNRL 1030 | 3 Credit Hours
    • (Art Foundations) Study of the basic principles and elements of two-dimensional composition in art. These principles of organization are the bases for expression and critical analysis of the visual arts. Students will create several studio projects exploring design variables, while employing a range of tools and materials from drawing to digital methods. 
  • Basic 3-D Design 
    • ART_GNRL 1040 | 3 Credit Hours
    • A foundational course designed to familiarize students with the elements and principles of three-dimensional design as well as some of the materials, tools, processes and techniques used in the creation of sculptural art. Study and development of formal aesthetic ideas, conceptual vocabulary and technical skills is emphasized. Expendable materials fee required. 
  • Drawing I 
    • ART_DRAW 1050 | 3 Credit Hours
    • An introduction to visual hierarchy, composition, and pictorial space in drawing. Emphasis on linear perspective and the language of light and shadow using black and white media (graphite, charcoal and/or conte crayon). Development of skills and concepts in drawing based on historical models, lectures, demonstrations and critiques. Expendable materials fee required.

Foundations Faculty and Students

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