Graduate Scholarships

ScholarshipUniverse – MU’s new interactive scholarship portal. Please log in with your University pawprint & password and answer a series of questions to determine what School of Visual Studies scholarships you’re eligible for. You can then fill out the internal application & upload any required documents & images. Deadline to be announced.


School of Visual Studies Scholarships

Donald L. Bartlett Scholarship Fund
One or more annual awards shall be made to full-time graduate sculpture students who are studying in any three-dimensional focus area.

Hazel S. Burney Art Scholarship
First preference for use shall be to provide scholarship awards to students majoring in the art program. The awards may be granted to both undergraduate and graduate students who are in good academic standing in the College.

Robert G. Bragg Scholarship Fund 
One or more annual awards shall be given to students enrolled in the Art Program.

Brooke & Ben Cameron Art Scholarship
To provide one or more annual awards to outstanding junior or senior students within the School of Visual Studies in the College of Arts and Science. First preference shall be given to students deemed outstanding in the discipline of Printmaking. If no student is found to be eligible in a given year in that area, then the award can be made to any current students who are deemed outstanding in the discipline of Drawing. Awards shall be based on merit. If there are no qualified junior or senior candidates for this award, then the award can be made to a graduate student.

Ann Stevens Hoffman Memorial Scholarship
One or more annual awards shall be made to a female student in the MFA Program in the School of Visual Studies. Selected recipients shall have a demonstrated financial need, shall be talented and shall have a specialty of photography, printmaking, or ceramics.

Dorothy L. Rollins Memorial Scholarship
Graduate students in Painting and/or Drawing. Students must have completed at least 9 semester hours. For the 2022-2023 academic year, one award will be given to the eligible student who is most outstanding in the areas of Painting and/or Drawing.

Stealey School of Visual Studies Merit Scholarship
One or more annual scholarship awards shall be given to outstanding undergraduate or graduate students with a focus within the School of Visual Studies. Preference should be given to students with outstanding academic and/or arts community contributions.

Verna Wulfekammer Art Doctoral Fellowship
One or more awards shall be given to an MFA student with a concentration study in Fibers.

Richard and Patricia Wallace Endowment for the Arts
This award is given to an undergraduate and/or graduate student demonstrating excellence in the field of Art. Demonstrated financial need.

Students may apply for more than one scholarship or award. Only one application form and one portfolio are necessary to apply for multiple awards. Please list all scholarships you’re applying for on the application form. Application deadline: Friday, March 1, 2024.

Compile a portfolio of recent work in a single PDF Document, not to exceed 12 MB. Include title, materials, dimensions, run-time (if applicable), and year for each piece. All work must have been made as a student at MU. Name Portfolio file:  Lastname_Firstname_SVS Scholarship

Images: 5-10 (including details shots).Images should be clear, high-resolution photographs. 

Neutral background or no background (cropped to edge). Each image file (JPEG, JPG) should be edited to be approximately 1200 pixels on the longest side or no larger than 1 MB  each. 

Video: 3-5 samples of video work. Combined run time not to exceed 5 min. In addition to information about the video work, please include link to web-hosted video files (Vimeo, Youtube, etc) in the PDF.

Images & Video: If submitting a combination of still images and video, include up to 5 images and up to 2 minutes of video. In addition to information about the video work, please include link to web-hosted video files (Vimeo, Youtube, etc) in the PDF.

Create a PDF with responses to these questions. [Limit of 200 words per question.]

  1. Portfolio Statement: Discuss the processes, themes, materials, and concepts of the artworks submitted in your Portfolio. Are there any common ideas or priorities? What media and materials did you use and why? What do you consider the strongest piece— why?  
  2. Personal Statement: Describe your motivations and influences—both internal and external—for your creative work. Consider these questions: How do your experiences and perspective inform why and how you make? How do you engage your community?  What goals do you have for yourself and your work?
  3. Impact Statement: How would receiving a scholarship help you achieve your goals or support your education? (Optional: if you have faced any personal or financial obstacles that you would like to address, please share here.)
  4. If applying for the "Stealey Scholarship," a list of arts community contributions will be required as a separate file