I Hope This Finds You Well 2021 Senior Art Exhibition

George Caleb Bingham Gallery

Facebook Livestream Artist Talks: Monday, May 3 at 5:30pm

Bingham Gallery and the Mizzou Art seniors present I Hope This Finds You Well—an exhibition that includes painting, drawing, digital illustration, photography, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, fibers, and more. Their works come from a period of chaos, instability, and isolation--while the artworks don’t all deal with the pandemic as their primary subject matter, the artists and the way they create were undoubtedly altered as a result. Despite this, the 24 artists featured here were still able to push through the challenges presented to them and curate a show that explores the students’ activism, documentation, anxiety, and escapism during these “unprecedented times”. Taking inspiration from another overused pandemic phrase (this time from email correspondence) I Hope This Finds You Well comes from a place of both excitement to showcase the highlights of their work, a genuine well-wishing to the viewers of the gallery, and a bit of sarcasm in repeating the words engrained into the minds of many. It is with a smirk that the 2021 class hopes this exhibit finds you well.

While I Hope This Finds You Well will still be a socially-distanced exhibition, this show is a chance to view artwork up close and personal, and exist in the same physical space as art-- an experience so many have missed for so long. Please join us in celebrating the first senior class to return to Bingham Gallery and hear them speak about their projects via Facebook Livestream on Monday, May 3 at 5:30pm. The exhibit will be on display in Bingham Gallery from April 26-May 6, 2021.

Please visit our Facebook page @georgecalebbinghamgallery or the event page for more info