ECHOES- Nick Peña Exhibition - Bingham Gallery

George Caleb Bingham Gallery

Nick Peña


Exhibition: Sept 27-Oct 21, 2021

Reception & Gallery Talk: Monday, September 27 from 4-6pm


During the past year, the pandemic changed our perception of normal. There was an eeriness to 2020 as the pandemic forced physical distancing, shifting our mental and visible landscape.

 Nick Peña's nostalgia to be with kindred spirits sparked his idea to collaborate with family and friends. The combined efforts in E C H O E S are varied. Some are direct, working together on one piece, while others are indirect, separate pieces of art inspired by an idea or preexisting image. Other elements are made as a faint echo, pieced back together with relics influenced by collective memories. The result is a collaborative effort between father/son, husband/wife, father/daughter, mother/son, best friends, and grandmother/mother/grandchild.