Patti Shanks



BS, Anthropology, University of Tulsa, 1979
MFA, Fibers, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2005 


Patti Shanks teaches Fibers and Introduction to Visual Studies at M.U. Within Fibers, her studio practice is focused on textiles, handmade paper, and artists’ books.

Shanks has an interest in paper as a significant cultural artifact. Paper has always been the surface for human marks and shapes. From maps, laws, accounting systems, and sacred texts, the medium has always been intimately linked to the message. Paper reminds us that it came from an even greater invention: written language.

Shanks’ current practice is in large scale papermaking that uses a minimalist approach to design and composition. She’s interested in exploring the potential of surface effects and texture by manipulating the fibers used for making paper. Working in the wet state, her compositions are created by the arrangement of shapes, marks, thread and fibers that come together to form the stark experience of print on paper.

Born in Texas, Shanks studied Film, Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Tulsa before coming to MU to study art history. She exhibits her work nationally and locally.