Mizzou professor brings film program to Miami High School

Film Studies

In its attempt to create innovative programs giving students life skills to take into the professional world, Miami High School has partnered with a University of Missouri film studies professor for a film project set to begin in early 2019.

The project had its beginnings when MHS Principal Glen Lineberry met a man by the name of Christian Rozier in 2011.

Rozier, assistant professor of Film Studies and Digital Storytelling at Mizzou, is a documentary and narrative film director who has produced films, music videos and commercials throughout the world.

His work focuses on stories of social justice within indigenous communities, and according to his Mizzou biography, Rozier has produced films, including titles such as “Voices of the Forest,” a documentary series produced in Myanmar and Cambodia, “Among the Trees,” “Lineage,” and award-winning documentary “Racing the Past,” as well as content for Hearst Interactive and Geffen Records.

He is committed to bringing access to education to underserved communities to give those students an opportunity to learn new life skills and expand their creative horizons.

“The goal is to contextualize [filmmaking] and give them working experience,” Rozier said in a recent interview. “It’s also a way to create a model to bring in a low-cost teaching experience to local schools.”

For the upcoming project, Rozier has obtained funding to make a film next spring and will be teaching local students the art of filmmaking.

Students will also make a documentary about making the film tell the stories of the filmmakers themselves....


Christian Rozier

Pictured: Christian Rozier (standing) brings his filmmaking expertise to Miami High School, teaching students the finer points of movie production. Rozier will visit the area through the making of his feature-length movie titled “Peridot.”