Film Studies Program

BA in Film Production

The B.A. in Film Studies with Emphasis in Production offers students the opportunity to focus on film and digital video production. The program provides hands-on instruction in all areas of filmmaking, including writing, production management, directing, cinematography, audio, and editing. The course work combines the teaching of these skills with the study of aesthetics principles and theory. Students will have the opportunity to conceive, plan, manage and produce specific types of both documentary and fiction films through all phases of the creative process. Graduates pursue careers in the TV/motion picture industry, independent filmmaking, or in other areas of a diverse digital media industry, such as, computer graphics, music video production, home entertainment, professional instruction, or advertising and marketing.

Basic Requirements:

Film Studies majors must complete 33 credits in film studies, with a grade of C- or above in every course. At least 15 hours in the major must be in courses at the 3000 level or above. At least 24 hours in the major must be production courses. Students must also complete College of Arts and Sciences and University requirements, including University general education requirements. No more than 40 credits in Film Studies may be counted toward graduation.

Grad Plan for B.A. in Film Studies with Emphasis in Production


For more information on the undergraduate degrees in the Film Studies Program and assistance in planning your course of study and filling out the grad plan for the major with emphasis in production contact the program advisor:

Jennifer Schaffer
M110 Student Success Center
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO 65211