Art Program


Who may apply?

Full-time graduate students currently majoring in Art at MU-Columbia, who also will be enrolled as full-time Art majors at the University of Missouri-Columbia during the Fall 2019 semester.  (Note: Students in their final, graduating semester are exempt from the requirement of full-time enrollment.)

Scholarships for Graduate Students:

Hazel S. Burney Art Scholarship

Awarded to Art majors in good academic standing in the College.

Richard M Hennessy Scholarship

For deserving students majoring in fine arts who have high character and scholastic aptitude and demonstrated financial need as proven by FASFA.

Michael C. Niles Grant in Art

One or more awards given to a student deemed outstanding in the discipline of Printmaking. If no student is found to be eligible in a given year, the award can be made to any student deemed outstanding in the discipline of Drawing. Additionally, if no student is judged outstanding in a semester, the committee may select a student with financial need.

Richard and Patricia Wallace Endowment for the Arts

To be given to a student most notable demonstrating excellence in the field of Art.

Ann Stevens Hoffman Memorial Scholarship

One or more annual awards shall be made to a female student in the College of Arts And Science Art Program. Selected recipients shall have a demonstrated financial need, shall be talented, and shall have a specialty of photography, print making or ceramics at the MFA level.

Dorothy Rollins Memorial Scholarship

Graduate students in Painting and/or Drawing. Students must have completed at least 9 semester hours. For the 2019-20 academic year, one award of will be given to the eligible student who is most outstanding in the areas of Painting and/or Drawing.

Verna Wulfekammer Art Doctoral Fellowship

To be given to an MFA student with a concentration of study in Fibers.

How do I apply?

Submit your scholarship application via Box: University of Missouri uses your network username and password to login to Box.

Login to Box:

Create a new folder: Click the New button in upper right and select Folder. Name your Folder in this format: Last Name, First Name-ArtProgScholarships and Year (example: Bennett, Jennifer-ArtProgScholarships 2019). Invite Jennifer Bennett ( and Ferrie Craighead ( with permission as co-owners.

Next, upload your application materials: Drag and drop files or folders from your desktop, or use the file browser to select and upload files and folders to your Scholarship folder.

Scholarship application materials to upload to your folder:

Your Application Form: Name file in this format: Last Name, First Name-Application (example: Bennett, Jennifer-Application)

Your Digital Transcript: Name file in this format: Last Name, First Name- Transcripts (example: Bennett, Jennifer-Transcripts)

Your Proof of Financial Need document/s: Name files in this format: Last Name, First Name-Chosen Documentation (example: Bennett, Jennifer-Financial Aid; Bennett, Jennifer-FAFSA and so on)

A folder that contains your Digital Portfolio (5-10 images): Name your Folder in this format: Last Name, First Name-Portfolio (example: Bennett, Jennifer-Portfolio)

Name your images in this format: Last Name, First Name-Image 1 (example: Bennett, Jennifer-Image 1; Bennett, Jennifer-Image 2; Bennett, Jennifer-Image 3 and so on)

If attaching an additional file for your Application Statement, please name the file in this format: Last Name, First Name-Statement (example: Bennett, Jennifer-Statement)

Submissions Due: Friday, April 5, 2019.